As pivotal aspect of the TRUST project, it aims to equip the Vietnamese and Philippines universities with the needed competencies and tools for implementing the new master in Fintech & Digital Innovation and the updates masters of Business and Economics (WP3). To this purpose the WP3 includes a series of activities aimed to train the universities’ staff (professors, researchers and managers) with face to face lecturers, as well as exchange of good practices and case studies among universities’ professors and representatives of the financial services sectors. Moreover, on line learning materials will be selected to be delivered to universities’ staff in order to fill the gap between the current capacities of the higher education staff at Vietnamese and Philippines universities and the needed skills and knowledge of the Financial Technology.

The graphic below summarises the main contents and objectives of the universities’ staff training.

Professional Development Webinar: Financial Technology Horizons

The TRUST Project hosted the TRUST Professional Development Webinar: Financial Technology Horizons on July 15, 2021. The webinar is an introductory session highlighting the current state of FinTech in Vietnam and the Philippines against the context of technology trends, and emerging research trends in the field.

Topics discussed during the webinar were: FinTech market trends and horizons in Philippines and Vietnam, main technologies in FinTech, and emerging Fintech research and theoretical models. Jove Tapiador, FinTech Philippines Association; Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh, KisStartup, Vietnam; Marco Lamberto and Eric Bonfadini from Deus Technology, and Dr Madhusudan Acharyya, Glasgow Caledonian University served as resource persons. Veljko Dmitrovic from the University of Belgrade moderated the panel.

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Professional Development Webinar: Preparing Professionals for the Future of Fintech

The TRUST Project hosted the webinar “Preparing professionals for the future of fintech” on September 7, 2021. The webinar is the second event arranged in the framework of the academic staff training for Vietnamese and Philippines staff.

The second session of the series focused on how to best prepare our future students, considering the skills and attributes of a FinTech professional including the importance of design thinking, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and the value of soft/transferable skills.

Topics covered during the webinar were: FinTech skills gap, entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Fintech, design thinking for Product Innovation in Fintech, and intercultural competence and educating global FinTech professionals.

Roberto Russo of Deus Technology, Dr Thomas Peschken of GCU London, Dr Tran Luong Son of Planet Impact Capital, and Dr Dane Lukic of GCU London served as panelists, with Dr. Colin Milligan of GCU as moderator.

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TRUST Project Professional Development Webinar: Final Showcase Event

The TRUST Project conducted the final session of the professional development webinar series, the TRUST Professional development and knowledge exchange final showcase which featured a platform collection of participants case study examples on adapting digital learning objects into their teaching in fintech; an update on the current development of the European Union-funded TRUST Project on designing new and updating existing FinTech Masters in Vietnam and Philippines; and round table sessions of university staff participants sharing their experiences of the professional development programme. The event was held online on October 21, 2021.

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Knowledge Exchange and Training of Staff Report