University of Belgrade – UB

University of Belgrade (UB) is the premier research and higher education institution in The Republic of Serbia. Along with teaching activities, with more than 150 programs at the undergraduate level and a large number of highly specialized graduate-level programs, the University is a leader in scientific research in Serbia and the region.

The University of Belgrade has extensive international cooperation with a great number of universities on six continents. It is also a member of International University Association (IUA), European University Association (EUA), and Balkan University Network (BUN), to name a few. University staff has built considerable professional and managerial experience by participating in numerous large European Commission projects, such as Tempus, FP7, Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window – Basileus, etc. University of Belgrade has 31 faculties and 13 institutes.

Project Members

Benković Sladjana

Željko Spasenić

Veljko Dmitrović

Nemanja Milanović

Miloš Milosavljević

Nevenka Žarkić Joksimović

Ivanka Popović

Aleksandar Marković

Glasgow Caledonian University – GCU

By 2020, GCU will have a global reputation for delivering social benefit and impact through education, research and social innovation. We will be recognised as the University for the Common Good that transforms lives, enriches cities and communities, innovates for social and economic impact, engages globally and aligns with others in partnership and collaboration to deliver our goals.

Our goals:

  • Transforming lives through education
  • Enriching cities and communities through research
  • Innovating for social and economic impact
  • Engaging globally
  • Aligning for the Common Good

GCU has been the recipient of a number of awards. Recent awards include:

GCU designated a Changemaker Campus by Ashoka U

GCU has been designated a Changemaker Campus by Ashoka U, a global network of universities and colleges, and is one of only 30 in the world and the 1° in Scotlandwith to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

National awards for our Caledonian Club

The Caledonian Club has won the Education Award at Business in the Community’s 2016 Annual Responsible Business awards. They have won a n. of other awards, including the Times HE Award 2009 for Widening Participation Initiative of the Year as well as the Herald Society Award for Education Initiative of the Year.

Leaders in environmental practices

GCU is the first university in Scotland to achieve EcoCampus Platinum certification for its environmental practices.

Leaders in preparing students for employment

GCU’s outstanding work in preparing our students for employment has been highlighted as best practice in a new report from the Confederation of British Industry, Future Fit.

GCU, through the Research & Innovation Office, has been the leading UK university in Erasmus+ KA2 awarded applications. Since 2015 the GCU has been leading 5 KA2 CBHE in HE projects in Latin America, Asia &South Africa; it is a partner in 9 other KA2CBHE projects all around the globe. We lead 3 Strategic Partnerships & we are partners in other 3 projects.

Project Members

Dane Lukic

Thomas Peschken

Natalia Popielska

Madhusudan Acharyya

Micheal Zboron

University of Cebu – UC

The University of Cebu (UC) is an educational institution in Cebu City, Philippines founded in 1964 by Atty. Augusto W. Go. With over 58,000 students from pre-school to post-graduate students in 5 campuses including the UC School of Medicine, UC is the country’s biggest private university. UC is consistently producing topnotchers in Board exams for Engineering, Maritime Studies, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Nursing, Accounting, Criminology and Customs Administration. In 2012, 5 out of the top 10 places in Mechanical Engineering went to UC. While the university is one of the youngest Law Schools in the country, it has produced 2 of the top 10 places in the Bar Exams in successive years. In 2008, UC signed an agreement with the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association to educate approximately 900 maritime scholars. These scholars enjoy free tuition, board and lodging, books and uniforms. To date, UC has around 1,000 maritime scholars from local and international companies and most are assured of employment after graduation. The university is recognized as one of the top 10 universities nation-wide with the most number of accredited programs by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities – Commission on Accreditation (PACU-COA) in 2004. Awarded with ISO and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) accreditation in 1998, UC played an important role in allowing Filipino seafarers to continue working onboard international vessels and ensure the continuous flow of billions of pesos in overseas remittances. UC was also named #9 Employers’ Most Preferred School in the country in the 2018 Jobstreet Fresh Graduates Report. UC was granted autonomous status by the Commission of Higher education (CHED) in June 01, 2019.

Project Members

Dean. Ofelia G. Mana

Dr. Yolanda Sayson

Dr. Christopher Biore

Engineering Group

Engineering is the Digital Transformation Company, leader in Italy and expanding its global footprint, with around 12,000 associates, with over 60 offices spread across Europe, the United States, and South America and global delivery.

The Engineering Group, consisting of over 20 companies in 12 countries, has been supporting the continuous evolution of companies and organizations for more than 40 years, thanks to a deep understanding of business processes in all market segments, fully leveraging the opportunities offered by advanced digital technologies and proprietary solutions.

With a strong and relentless focus on Innovation, through our R&I division that comprises over 450 researchers and data scientists (and a global innovation network of universities, startups, and research firms), the Group continues to invest in international R&D projects while exploring groundbreaking technologies and developing new business solutions. The Group continuously invests in human capital, with the internal “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy, which provides continuous upskilling and reskilling paths for both company employees and stakeholders, with over 25,000 training days per year.

The Engineering Group boasts a diversified portfolio built around proprietary solutions, best-of-breed market solutions, and managed services, and continues to expand its expertise through M&As and partnerships with leading technology players. Our 40+ years presence in all market segments (from Finance to Healthcare, from Utilities to Manufacturing and many more) has allowed us to build deep knowledge of business needs and anticipate them by exploring constantly the evolution of technologies, especially in the field of Cloud, Cybersecurity, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Data.

This unique approach positions Engineering as a key player in the creation of digital ecosystems that bridge the gap between different markets, while developing composable solutions that ultimately foster a continuous Business transformation.

Project Members

Gaia Roselli Cecconi

Alberto Rastelli

Edoardo Busani

Fintech Philippines Association – FPA

An independent, non-profit, industry association representing the interests and growth of the fintech community in the Philippines, FPH aims to position the Philippines as a hub for technological innovation in financial services. We are the largest financial technology trade association in the country. Established in 2017, it consists of over 120 Advisory, Institutional and Individual members. It has partnerships with the technology associations in Denmark, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It is also a founding member of the Asia Pacific Fintech Network. Committed to furthering financial inclusion through technology, FPH helps businesses from all industries harness financial technologies.


  1. Represent the burgeoning Fintech community in the Philippines.
  2. Accelerate the growth and success of its members by attracting investment and partnerships domestically and abroad.
  3. Advocate for effective and future-focused regulation.
  4. Cultivate interest and technical skills to promote innovation.
  5. Organize an inclusive community of startups and institutions.

Project Members

Jove I. Tapiador

Mark Gorriceta

Mark Vernon

Ho Chi Minh City Open University – HCMCOU

Ho Chi Minh City Open University (HCMCOU) was founded in 1993 to cater the needs of educational transformation and improvement in knowledge and skills of Vietnamese work force. As a multi-disciplinary university with 11 faculties, HCMCOU provides teaching, training services and researches focusing on economics, law, finance-banking, accounting-auditing, biotechnology, civil engineering, computer science, foreign languages (English, Japanese, Chinese), sociology, social work and Southeast Asian studies.

HCMCOU has 475 staff. There are currently more than 40,000 students enrolling either in on-campus or distance programs leading to degrees. Programs of the on-site mode range from the bachelor to doctorate programs. The three DTPs are of economics, business administration and English teaching. HCMCOU is also the leading distance program via e-learning providers in the south of Vietnam. Programs of the distance mode including traditional distance and online programs confined to the bachelor degrees.

HCMCOU internationalization fosters the following activities: Providing joint programs leading to degrees at HCMCOU; teaching (staff/students mobility; joint training programs); research (co-organize conference, co-authors in publication).

HCMCOU is proud to have strong and long established collaboration with EU universities such as with Université Libre de Bruxelles for more than 22 years to offer three Master programs in management, marketing and quality management; with Toulon-Var University for the Master of Quality management; with Berlin School of Economics and Law for the Master in Accounting and Finance management besides the other joint master programs with Australian universities.

Project Members

Le Thai Thuong Quan

Pham Ha

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang

Doan Ho Dan Tam

Hue College of Economics Hue University – HCE

HCE was founded in 1969 being as a member of Hue University. It is engaged at all levels of undergraduate and graduate in Economics & Management. Besides, it conducts the scientific research and provides directly the society with approximately 7,000 undergraduate students and 1,000 graduate students. Its vision is to become a prestigious university with high-quality training, scientific research and technological transfer as well as services in economics and management; to be ranked among top 10 higher education institutions of economics and management in Vietnam; to be a research-oriented university. Consequently, in order to realise the above vision, the College of Economics, Hue University has been focusing on the key activities as follows:

HCE delivers the highest standard of education to students with the aim of being tailored to students’ needs and enterprises’ expectations. In this sense, a more coherent curriculum and innovative teaching methods are developed and adopted. It has been applying technology and digital innovation into the learning and teaching environment.

HCE builds the material facilities and technology according to the modernisation and standardization to ensure the high quality educational environment compared to other advanced institutions in the country and region.

HCE promotes the engagement and collaboration with the community and enterprises. Because these relationships will ensure industry-based education approach on the the College’s part and enable better contribution to the region’s prosperity and the entire nation of Vietnam.

HCE broaden international cooperation of training, scientific research and technological transfer to enhance capacity and quality of scientific research and training.

Project Members

Tran Van Hoa

Truong Tan Quan

Pham Xuan Hung

University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University – VNU

The VNU University of Economics and Business (VNU-UEB) is a member of Vietnam National University, Hanoi. The University was formerly established as the Faculty of Political Economy under the University of Hanoi in 1974.

During its development, the university has experienced several transformations before being upgraded as the University of Economics and Business under Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2007. So far, the VNU-UEB has been known as a dynamic university with a strategic vision and a strong determination towards international standards in education and research.

Project Members

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Trung Thanh

Dr. Dinh Thi Thanh Van

Vu Thanh Tu

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University – SLU

Saint Louis University (SLU) is a Catholic institution of higher learning. It was founded by the CICM Philippine Province as one effective means of evangelization to be fully integrated with the Church’s educational vision. In order to realize the vision of SLU, the schools are committed to instruction, research, and community service. Such activities are oriented towards the promotion of human dignity and happiness which leads to the development of the total person who is able to take up one’s responsibilities in the Church and in the world. Each member of the school community is fully aware of one’s responsibility to reach out to the marginalized and to discover with them the impact of the Gospel on social reality, on justice, and on solidarity.

Size of the organization

SLU is the largest university north of Manila, Philippines with more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. It is centrally situated in six-hectare campus in Baguio City and has more than 30 buildings. SLU offers programs at the elementary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels. It comprises eight schools or colleges with campuses throughout the Baguio metropolitan area. SLU’s main campus is at A. Bonifacio Street where the seven schools and the School of Advance Studies are housed while the Maryheights Campus houses the School of Accountancy, Management, Computing and Information Studies.

Project Members

Dr. Roberto M. Arguelles

Dr. Cecilia Mercado

Dr. Asuncion Nazario

Mapúa University / Malayan Educational System, Inc. – MAPUA / MESI

Mapúa University  is a non-sectarian, private stock academic and the biggest engineering institution in the Philippines with at about 15,200 students among which are 400 graduate students. Mapúa has about 1110 teaching and non-teaching personnel, established on 25 January 1925 by Don Tomas Mapúa, and fully acquired by YGC group in Dec. 1999. The YGC group is a business conglomerate in the Philippines with vision of global excellence. Mapúa is in the top 6 among the universities in the Philippines based on QS Asia University Ranking in 2018. 

Mapúa has 40, 18 and 6 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, respectively. Mapua has 11 straight BS-MS programs as well. All units follow the direction of the institution in pursuing sustainable green engineering, AI, IoT, innovation, entrepreneurship. Mapúa has several programs that have been declared by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as center of excellence and center of development. On Mapúa’s quest for research and development, has established linkages with known international academic and research institutions and collaborates with various industries known of its respective expertise and line of products. More information about international linkages can be accessed through Information about industry partners can be viewed at Primary country collaborators/partners of Mapúa are Taiwan, and Sweden. The partnership in Taiwan produces three Mapúa Professors as Most Outstanding Scientists in the Philippines in the past 7 and more than a hundred scientific publications. Cooperation with Sweden provides opportunities and funds to students and professors for mobility in both directions, training and research. In 2018, first collaborative publication is produced and one renewed project funded by the Swedish Sida.

Project Members

Delia B. Senoro

Marthinson M. Villanueva

Rex Aurelius C. Robielos