The TRUST project aims to design and develop an innovative Master program in Fintech & Digital Innovation to be delivered in three Philippine and three Vietnamese universities. The master is designed and developed thanks to the proficient collaboration among Asian and European universities and Fintech start-up companies. The master is equipped with academic courses, and blended with hands-on experiences to explore emergent trends in Fintech from a global perspective focusing on how the digital transformation impact in all the finance industry and in the financial services to produce graduates/talents who can support the manpower needs of the FinTech industry. International immersion would expose students to various socio-economic cultures which would be helpful to talents before they enter into the workforce and contribute to the success of FinTech industry.

The Master in Fintech is delivered with the blended learning methodology which includes both workshops and distance learning objects (video lessons, lecture notes, and other OER (Open Educational Resources) available by accessing to the TRUST e-learning platform 

The TRUST e-learning platform homepage.

In addition, to this new master the six Philippine and Vietnamese universities are engaged to modernise their pre-existing masters by updating their learning contents with some innovative modules connected to the more emergent topics on the Fintech trends and technologies.

In detail, the following masters are modernised:

University of Cebu

Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Academic Track 2021-2022

Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Professional Track 2022-2023

Master in Business Administration (MBA) – Major in Human Resources Management Development – Professional Track

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice with specialization in Criminology

Master of Arts in Nursing

Master of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Saint Louis University

Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA)

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Mapua University

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering

Master of Science in Engineering Management                   

University of Economics and Business of Vietnam National University

Master Programme in Political Economy

Master Programme in International Economics

Master Programme in Public Policy and Development

Master Programme in Public Policy and Development

Master Programme in Economic Management

Master Programme in Accounting

Master Programme in Business Administration

Master Programme in Finance

Hue College of Economics

Master in Economic Management

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Finance and Banking (MFB)

Master in Fintech Syllabus